Construction Defect Law                       

·         Water Penetration, Dry Rot & Mold

·         Roofing Problems                                         

·         Balconies & Decks

·         Window, Siding Installation                                    

·         Foundational & Structural Problems                     

My introduction to construction defect litigation occurred after I purchased my first home, a condominium, in Lake Oswego in 1998.  The condominiums had been recently converted from apartments.  The sellers failed to disclose that the condos were full of dry rot and mold and that the plumbing throughout the entire project had failed.  My “crash course” in construction defect law included working with the homeowners association and co-counsel to navigate through class action litigation to a $3,250,000.00 settlement. 

I subsequently represented other homeowners associations in similar suits, including the East End Commons Condominiums in Lake Oswego.  In that case, the HOA received a settlement of $300,000.00.   I also have represented many single family home owners with regard to a variety of construction defect claims, including water penetration, dry rot, mold, and landslides.  I have also represented construction contractors in a variety of different types of litigation.