Real Estate Disputes                   

• Title Disputes                           • Boundary Disputes

• Trespass Claims                        • Liens and Foreclosures

• Lease Disputes                         • Adverse Possession Claims

• Residential & Commercial Evictions        

I have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in many real estate disputes and claims, tresspass, claimes, foreclosures, lease disutes, and commericial and residential evictions.

One of the cases that I worked on was Carey v. Lincoln Loan with co-counsel John M. Berman.  The Carey family purchased their first home from Lincoln Loan on a real estate sales contract.  It was in deteriorated condition and was uninhabitable before they moved in.  The Carey family fixed it up with great effort and hard work.  After the property was rehabilitated and it appreciated in value, they attempted to sell it.  Lincoln Loan prevented the sale and contended that the Careys could neither sell the property nor pay off the sales contract without its consent.  The case began in 1996 and was finally concluded in 2008.  The Oregon Supreme Court held that the contract was unconscionable and unenforceable. Carey v. Lincoln Loan, 157 P.3d 775, 342 OR 530 (2007)